Innovate with Autogrill

Change starts with an idea. And every great idea needs somewhere to develop and grow. InHub by Autogrill is that somewhere: a place of innovation and inspiration, where future ideas become a reality. We want to work with the brightest sparks in the world of innovative start-ups, those who share our passion for excellence.

Together, we want to create the best experience for our customers and build an ever more sustainable tomorrow on motorways. The future is a journey, and we’re at the wheel: jump in.

Innovation in motion

We know that change starts with an idea, and every great idea needs somewhere welcoming in which to grow: InHub is that somewhere, a place of collaboration and inspiration, where tomorrow’s ideas can become today’s reality.

Our mission

Our mission is to create an innovation ecosystem by bringing together the brightest sparks from the world of start-ups and any other talents that share our passion for excellence in customer experience and sustainability. We’re ready to create together the best solutions for making our customers’ journey a unique and unforgettable experience.

Our vision

We believe in an increasingly green and customer-centric business. Together, we want to create a wave of change that will lead to a responsible and efficient future. We want to transform our customers’ experience and re-invent the way they interact with our services, our products and our environment making the journey as rewarding as the destination.

The innovation programme under the Autogrill label

Direct funding

Dedicated mentorship

Global exposure

The future is a journey
and we’re at the wheel

Ours is an ongoing commitment to offering not only top quality products and services for travellers on motorways but also to anticipating and satisfying their needs in continuous evolution. We want to create value not only for the company but also for the communities in which we operate and for the planet we share.


Who we are

Autogrill is the leading provider of food & beverage services for travellers. By careful monitoring of consumer trends, we are able to offer high standards of excellence and fully satisfy the continually evolving needs of our customers with a broad portfolio of international and local concepts and brands, both proprietary and licensed. In 2023, we became part of Avolta, the leading global travel experience player operating in 75 countries and 1,200 locations, with over 5,500 points of sale across three segments – travel retail, food & beverage and convenience – and various channels, including airports, motorways, cruises ferries, railway, border shops and downtown.